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SkyValue Airways

SkyValue Airways (SVA) is the trademarked name for the domestic scheduled flights operated by Aerodynamics, Inc. (ADI).

ADI and Great Lakes Airlines have a codeshare and hosting agreement which permits the use of established interline agreements for ticketing and baggage with major legacy carriers in U.S. hubs. The agreement  also allows for travel purchases through online travel sites such as Travelocity and Expedia. Customer can purchase tickets and check baggage through with a number of major air carriers while connecting at a major hub.


Aerodynamics, Inc

All SkyValue Airways flights will operate under Aerodynamics, Inc (ADI) operational control. ADI aircraft, crews, operations, maintenance and management perform ALL operational aspects for the airline.


Great Lakes Airlines

Great Lakes Airlines provides the following services on behalf of SkyValue Airways:

• Ticketing and Online reservation portal at

• 24 / 7 staffed reservation and customer care center at 1.800.554.5111

• Established interline agreements for ticketing and baggage with major legacy carriers


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*All domestic scheduled service is sold under "SkyValue Airways" operated by Aerodynamics, Inc.. Flights are sold and serviced by Great Lakes Airlines. For any questions concerning a reservation booked on SkyValue Airways please call Great Lakes at 1-800-554-5111.