SAFETY  I  our commitment

Safety, security and compliance are the cornerstones of SkyValue Airways operations. These are imperatives – at all times and at all levels!All employees share the responsibility for maintain safety, security and compliance standards established by the company and regulatory agencies, and for adhering to all laws established by the countries in which we conduct operations.

SkyValue Airways is committed to providing a safe environment for customers, employees and vendors by meeting or exceeding applicable flight, ground, occupational, and environmental safety standards. Management, at all levels, is accountable for ensuring that employees understand and comply with these standards and are trained and equipped to recognize and control hazards in the daily work environment.

SkyValue Airways. employs a systematic approach to manage safety risks and continually improve the level of safety. All employees play a key role in this process by identifying hazards and mitigating risks as part of everyday activities. In a shared responsibility, each employee must act safely and report incidents and occurrences that reduce or have the potential to reduce the level of safety. Timely reporting of such information through the established non-punitive safety reporting programs is essential and encouraged.

An uncompromising commitment to safety, security and compliance is the responsibility of each and every employee.

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*All domestic scheduled service is sold under "SkyValue Airways" operated by Aerodynamics, Inc.. Flights are sold and serviced by Great Lakes Airlines. For any questions concerning a reservation booked on SkyValue Airways please call Great Lakes at 1-800-554-5111.